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5 Lucky Menstrual Hygiene Tips

Menstrual Hygiene Tips

Whether you’re just taking that huge step to womanhood or it just occurred to you that your menstrual business hasn’t been taking care of as it should, you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you 5 lucky menstrual hygiene tips that will make you more confident outside and comfortable down there during your menstrual periods. Let’s get started.

Visit a Gynecologist Regularly

If this is your first time, a gynecologist is a special doctor dedicated and highly-skilled in the area of female health. From the beginning to the end of womanhood, every female need a timely visit to a professional gynecologist like Richard Semenex for a lot of reasons. Not only will he give you professional menstrual hygiene instructions and check you up to confirm that your menstrual life is in good shape but a professional gynecologist will also monitor the overall health of your female parts by making breast examination, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, and a whole lot more.

Change Your Sanitary Pads Regularly

According to studies, the majority of victims of vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, and skin rashes are young girls and older women who wear the same sanitary pad throughout the day. Even for the days when you experience less bleeding down there, the little bloodshed is liable to mix with body sweat and get stuck around your skin. And those bacterias and viruses found in the menstrual blood can easily penetrate into the skin to cause skin infections of all kinds. But by changing your pad immediately when stained, you can avoid this. This is the period of your life when having extra sanitary pads in your bag wherever you go is a must.

Discard Sanitary Pads properly

Used sanitary pads bear millions of harmful micro-organisms if looked at under a microscope. So it makes sense to take your time when discarding a used pad. Here are some nuggets. Wrap each used pad in nylon to contain the smell and the possible spread of contamination before disposing of it immediately. Never store used pads in your room for the next day to avoid messing up your room with bad odor. And finally, avoid flushing used pad in the toilet to avoid blocking your toilet drains.

Bath More Than Usual

People with shy friends or friends who fear them enough to not tell them the truth are better of with no friends. If you hardly bath or do it just once during your menstrual period, chances are that you smell but your friends are shy to tell you. Not only will you escape a humiliating complimentary from your seatmate on the bus but bathing more than two times a day will give you comfort and automatically boost your confidence if you’re new. With the use of antiseptic soaps, you can escape rashes and other skin infections caused by an unhygienic menstrual life.


The more you move your body, the better your blood circulation, and the better your breath is regulated. Another thing about exercising regularly during your menstrual period is that it strengthens your immune system to fight off the inevitable invasion of harmful micro-organisms so you can remain healthy and active as always.

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