5 Fun and Unique Team Building Activities

Every company has its own culture and values. Some are more laid back, while others might be more formal. Regardless of the type of team you have, there’s always room for improvement in communication and collaboration.

This scenario is where team-building activities come into play!

The following article will discuss five fun and unique ideas to try with your team this year that can help improve teamwork, trust, morale, empathy, and much more!

1. Play a team-building game like “Simon Says” or “Red Rover.”

A fun, energetic game like “Simon Says” or “Red Rover” will help your team get to know each other better. This activity involves teamwork and is a great icebreaker! You can play with groups of 2-3 people at a time and rotate teams.

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2. Host a Potluck

Your HR department can plan an event such as a potluck lunch or a BBQ to help bring everyone together.

Fun activities to play during an outing include volleyball, hiking, bowling, cooking classes, etc. Talk to your coworkers about their interests and see if you can organise the event around those!

3. Organise a City Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger hunts by CityHunt scavenger hunt is a great way to help teammates get out of the office and bond with each other. Brainstorm fun things that you can do together during your city trip (maybe even add an element of adventure!). The key is to come up with outside-the-box tasks, but still relatable to be completed successfully.

4. Host Halloween Costume Party 

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to dress up and get everyone to loosen up. Employees should feel comfortable enough to suggest costumes, or at least take a fun photo together in their costume! The whole office can be active on social media by posting pictures throughout people dressed up in different outfits. You can even hold an internal company contest to encourage employees to post their best photos!

Hosting a costume party will Reenergize everyone in the office and get them to loosen up, especially if they feel stressed out.

It will also foster teamwork by encouraging employees to talk more with one another throughout the day. 

5. Organise a group outing with friends or family members outside of work hours on weekends to enjoy something new together

Have employees get to know each other by planning an outing with friends or family members outside of work hours. You can all meet up somewhere new and enjoy something you’ve never done before as a group. The key is to try doing something unfamiliar, so it encourages people who might be hesitant (or scared) to try something new but still relatable to everyone. 

Let the whole company know about your plans and encourage employees to bring their friends or family members! You might even want to have a picnic during the outing, too.

These ideas are ideal for both work and play, and that’s what makes them fun. The more employees get to know each other outside their department, the closer they’ll feel inside the office. 

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