5 Features That Set Premium Bathroom Vanities Apart

Most of us don’t give too much thought to the bathroom vanity. It’s just that piece of furniture that stores all our stuff, right? Well, if trends in home renovation tell us anything, it’s that all of us want to live in beautiful and functional spaces.

5 Features That Set Premium Bathroom Vanities Apart
When you’re ready to modernize and refresh the bathroom in your home, don’t forget about the vanity. This hardworking component of the bathroom is essential to achieving both perfect function and an eye-catching look.

If you’ve ever walked through a store specializing in bathroom hardware and accessories, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of vanities available. So, to help you navigate those options, we’ve put together a guide that outlines the 5 features that set premium bathroom vanities apart.

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Dovetail drawers with soft close. Dovetail construction is very sturdy. You can push and pull these drawers for years to come with little to no wear and tear to show for it. The soft close feature means that you can say goodbye to the noise of slamming drawers.

Soft-close doors. Like the soft-close drawers, these doors will never slam shut. That reduces stress and damage on the door frames and makes for quieter mornings, too!

High-quality countertops. Look for marble, granite, quartz, or frosted glass vanity tops. These materials never go out of style, and they are exceptionally durable.

Unique sink feature. View the sink as art. It’s not just a functional bowl for water. It can act as a unique focal point for the whole bathroom. Look for a ceramic, copper, or glass sink and coordinating fixtures.

Eco-friendly materials. Ultimately, look for vanities that are constructed from earth-friendly materials. Bamboo, cork, rubberwood, natural stone, recycled and reclaimed wood and metal are all renewable, reusable, and sustainable.

Not sure how to choose the right vanity for your bathroom? No problem. Give us a call. We love hearing from you.

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