5 Effective Tips to Protect Furniture During Moving

When it’s time to move, there are, seemingly, thousands of small and large tasks to be done. With all the stress and hustle involved with balancing out all the items in the air, you do not want to drop anything. The slightest bump can cause plenty of damage, which is not something you want during the moving period. With a bit of level headed reasoning, elbow grease, and practical know-how you can make this transition a smooth one. There is no time like today, so let us get started.

1. Time is your ally

Contrary to popular belief, time is on your side when it comes to moving. You know the exact, or near, date of the move, so between then and now, you have all that time to plan it out. Once you start planning, you eliminate the stress and minimise any risks. Using any free planning apps can help you along and make things more organised. Once stress, hustle and unpredictability are all out of the picture, the overall risk of items getting damaged or misplaced gets that much lower.

2. Gear up

The master is only as good as its tools. Without proper equipment and supplies, there is little you can do to prevent your possessions. Many people cheap out and get for the low end in this department which may lead to short term gains but will cause long term damage. Quality Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, covers, re-sealable plastic bags, and the all-mighty duct tape go a long way in protecting your property. Yes, it may seem like an investment, but when you factor in the possible repairs to your items or buy new ones, these trusty moving companions more than pay for themselves.

3. Call a friend when in need

Organising and working thru moving may seem like too much, and rightfully so. There is no need to try and solo this endeavour as there are friendly people available to help. You can always go thru your phone book and call in for some favours. Pizza and beer are customs, and the more hands get involved, the better. The downside to this is trying to work around people’s schedules and the rising risk of something getting damaged. Or you can go for plan B and avoid all of the above. 

Outsourcing your moving process to furniture removalists, make all the difference in the world. Not only will you have more time and energy for other, more important, items on your list, but you will also have the assurance that the job is done without flaw. Moving companies have the manpower, experience, equipment and plenty of practical know-how to make this job a breeze. Putting it all down on paper will only go in their favour.

4. Strategical positioning

Do you know how when you go shopping, you always put the eggs on top of your basket and not on the bottom? The same logic applies to moving. Your heavier boxes and items can serve as the foundation for other items. Their sturdiness is also what will protect them, and you can stack other lighter items on top. Proper box stacking in the back of the van creates a sort of shield and a buffer zone that will protect the rest of your belongings. 

5. Dismantle

Don’t view your larger items as a burden, but as an opportunity. Such items can be easily dismantled and disassembled into smaller parts which makes the overall moving process that much easier. Doing so saves you valuable space in the moving van or truck, makes the move process easier on your back and lowers the chance of collateral damage. Moving an entire closet is next to impossible but moving some boards around is a piece of cake when we compare the two. 

Making any changes or embarking on brand new adventures always seems daunting before you begin. That’s why the best move is to dive right in and get on with doing anything. Any change is better than none, always keep that in mind. Change by change, step by step, and you will be able to see the fruits of your labour manifest before your very eyes. In no time at all, you will be moved to your new place and settled in.

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