5+ E-Commerce WordPress Themes

There are a lot of eCommerce plugins and solutions provided by developers for WordPress, but the one that needs special lauding is WooCommerce. If you need convincing, WooCommerce is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress not only because of its awesome features and functions but also because of its easy integration with WordPress which allows even the beginners to handle their online business efficiently. The only problem with WooCommerce Themes for WordPress is that there are just so many of them which make picking up the right one for your website a little more than daunting. To alleviate that very problem and to give you the best in the business, we present to you few of the best Premium eCommerce Themes, one of which, we are sure you will find great enough to power your eCommerce website.

1. WooShop

WooShop is probably one of the most popular themes when it comes to opting an e-commerce theme! The theme as the name intends is compatible with WooCommerce & is further optimized for the plugin to ensure a smooth buying-selling experience on both ends. Fully resposnive, it also has an off-canvas mobile menu to attract more buyers while your site works great on any device.

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2. eCommerce

This theme ticks off all the boxes of a wish list to indulge into an e-commerce theme! It is compatible with WooCommerce, multiple options to design the layout, the content & present your products. Also, the theme is optimized for search engines with its Yoast SEO support to improve your rankings.

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3. Shop Theme

With Shop Theme, creating a website and selling products never gets easier. The theme will help you setup and run a website within moments, and with WooCommerce integration, you will just need to worry about is selling more of what you have, rest everything will be effortlessly taken care of by the theme.

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4. Shoppe

Shoppe is probably the most feature bundled theme in this list. If you need convincing, some of the innumerable features that this theme comes bundled with include a drag and drop Themify Builder and a bunch of eCommerce features like an ajax cart, wishlist, quick look lightbox, ajax quick search, products image zoom/gallery and tons of layout options.

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5. WooCart

Build a beautiful site for your store & start presenting your goods in its stunning layout using the refined slider, carousel & individual product page. It is developed to sell almost anything ranging from digital to physical to downloadable products with the same framework & in turn help you earn more revenues.

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6. Ecoshop

All the layers of this theme have been suitably arranged, but you also get full control over the layers, colors and shapes to weave it the way you always wanted. The overall design of the theme is very minimal and high quality which is only some of the features that make this theme a great buy for commercial websites like clothes, cosmetics, furniture, gadgets, shoes, bags and home décor websites.

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7. eMaxStore

If you are looking for a website that gets straight to business, this is the theme for you! It is developed with a precise focus on selling more, earning more & in turn making more revenues. It is optimized for AdSense & is SEO ready to help you drive more traffic to your site while keeping the visitors longer on your site while increasing your ad views.

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