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5 common mistakes made by photographers using Word Press

Those days are long gone when WordPress was only considered for blogging. It’s not just the content management which makes a Word Press website successful now, website design and the right search engine optimization plays an important role as well.

Unfortunately, there are many photographers with the best sets for photography and portfolios but they don’t know much about this platform and they miss out so many clients due to their lack of information. To have a strong online business through your photography website, you just need to know all about word press web design and its SEO.

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In this post, we have compiled 5 common mistakes made my photographers while using word press:

5 common mistakes made by photographers using Word Press

Mistake 1: Unreadable Image names

Mostly, people upload images on word press with the image names they already have in their laptop’s storage systems. These default image file names might be good for organizing files in your computers but on the web they are completely useless. Image names like DSC200-0893.jpg, Image31.jpg and 97268-73.jpg are unreadable for search engines. Therefore, it is very much important to use descriptive keywords (3 to 4 words long) while uploading image files on word press. Also, use hyphens as spaces. For example: Burj-khalifa-fountain-show.jpg

Mistake 2: Resizing images

Photographers are always confused to compromise the image quality for better optimization of pictures on word press. Original sizes of DSLR pictures are quite big and when you upload them on web, you allow the whole world to access them. Especially, when you add a new theme to your site, the image sizes change according to the new theme which makes the whole look so uneven. To keep all the images on the site in sync and keeping the image quality on your site good you can install plugins like Such plugins will help you save a lot of your time and efforts you spend in resizing pictures.

Mistake 3: Having a site which is not cached

For a photography business, slow loading speed for images and web content is not good. Sites which have big file images often get slow in speed. What you can do to fix it? You can simply install a cache plugin and have a cached version of your website. The most famous plugin for this purpose is W3 Total Cache which can help you a lot in boosting the visitor experience by increasing speed and reducing downloading time of your site.

Mistake 4: The use of flash

It has become common to see many flash based photos over internet which look great but flash is unreachable for search engines like Google. Flash files are not readable on mobile phone or iPads which can make you lose clients. So avoid using flashes on your site.

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Mistake 5: Not realizing the importance of SEO

If you are one of those photographers who think that your images will bring you all the business, you are mistaken. If search engines won’t catch your work, your potential clients won’t be able to reach you. It’s important that you add image titles and alt image names while uploading images on your site. Use most searched keywords on your site so visitors using search engines will be able to have your appearing in their searches while they are looking for photography content. Ignoring SEO in this digital era is almost like closing your doors for business.

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