4 Trending Innovations in Human Resources

The last decade has brought an avalanche of digital innovations, corporate trends, and new workplace challenges that have redefined human resources. To stay competitive, companies are now challenged to leverage technology in talent acquisition and employee management.

Here are the top tech tools that will continue to drive transformation in human resources.

Virtual reality assessment

VR employee assessment can be used to evaluate if job applicants match a given role. It takes advantage of immersive digital experiences to reveal how candidates would react and respond to real-world scenarios.

In VR-based testing, employers can observe a candidate completing tasks specific to the job they are applying for. For example, instead of using a paper-based questionnaire, an automotive company could use a simulation of a broken engine to assess a car mechanic’s core skills and potential.

VR can also be used to promote digitally savvy and progressive brand identity. Companies can make the recruitment process more engaging by sharing 3D employee testimonials and holding virtual office tours to give applicants a glimpse of the organization’s culture.

Biometric time trackers

Most companies still use manual methods like spreadsheets and paper trails to track employee attendance. Biometric scanners offer a swift, safe, and efficient way for individual identification. They recognize employees accurately by relying on unique physical traits, including iris patterns, fingerprints, and facial characteristics.

Biometric technology hinders employees from falsifying attendance records as it relies on real-time verification. It can also be integrated with mobile devices, making it possible to manage remote employee attendance.

A biometric scanner reduces time theft, ensuring efficiency is optimized in all departments. These systems store information in highly private vaults that are safe from hackers. They are also cost-efficient and require negligible training.

Harassment-reporting tools

A safe workplace is essential for every company. Fortunately, a new wave of tech tools has empowered employees to report sexual harassment and demand accountability. These include hotlines, anonymous reporting tools, and chatbots, and platforms where employees can write and share confidential reports.

Speakfully, a mobile app, is developed to consolidate all data involving a sexual harassment case. It allows individual employees to store attachments, log entries, and upload comprehensive reports. The app also promotes total transparency by offering advanced analytics and status updates on the actions taken by the company.

Blockchain integration

Data access and security are two pressing issues business managers face today. As such, teams need to leverage blockchain solutions to ensure data safety and allow workplace transparency. This technology standardizes data storage and sharing protocols. It creates a unified space for all crucial information making data accessible to authorized users at any given time.

Blockchain enables seamless collaboration between the HR department and management. HR can use the technology to collect employee feedback and easily share it with the managers through electronic distributed ledger technologies. In turn, managers can use this data to enhance workflows and organization systems.

Blockchain ledgers use encryption and key-based access, which makes them hacker-proof. Companies can ensure that their data is highly protected from malicious threats and attackers.

Today’s digitally-driven age is set to bring endless opportunities for human resources. Now more than ever, companies need to integrate HR management tools into their daily workflows to score the best hires and maintain a safe and productive work environment for all employees.

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