4 Tips for Viewing the Stories of Private Instagram Accounts

In recent years, Instagram has been increasingly gaining popularity among diverse cultures and people across the continents. It remains a good social media platform for content creators to showcase their talents to the world and attain global recognition. 

However, this kind of fame also comes with some unwanted distractions that many users won’t approve of. This has indicated a need for safer ways of putting out one’s online content to controlled or restricted viewers. And that’s where private Instagram accounts have their substantive use. 

A private Instagram account restricts the public from having access to the account user’s contents unless they’ve been approved. If you need to see the stories of private Instagram accounts for any reason, the following tips can help:

1. Send Out A Follow Request

The best approach to viewing the stories of a private Instagram account is to send a ‘follow’ request. Sending a request would require the account user to approve it, thereby putting you at the mercy of the user. However, it remains your best bet to gain access to the stories or private posts from the account. Alternatively, you may also become a private viewer.

Once your ‘follow’ request is approved, the private account becomes accessible to you. As a result, there wouldn’t be any notable difference between the account and other public ones. This means that you wouldn’t be restricted from viewing the Instagram stories of the account, as the account user would also be privileged to know that you have viewed it.

2. Consider A Third-Party Instagram Viewer App

The advancement of technology is evident in all aspects of our daily lives. As such, there are many websites and mobile applications that allow you to view the stories of private Instagram accounts and have access to their posts. They’re called private Instagram viewers, and they allow their users to view other private accounts anonymously. 

A popular example of a private Instagram viewer is Glassagram, which allows you to download video content from Instagram, in addition to other unique features. With third-party services, a private Instagram account can just become as accessible as a public one.

3. Use The Assistance Of A Search Engine

There’s also the possibility that you can view a private Instagram account for their posts ethically without necessarily having to follow such an account. This anonymous move could be for many reasons. This may include unwillingness to contribute to the growth in followers of the account or just to have a peek into the kind of content being posted. 

For whatever reason it may be, search engines like Google can come to your aid. All you have to do is to copy the private Instagram account’s username and paste it into the Google search box. 

Then, an image search is likely to come up with some of the pictures and stories uploaded by the private account user. Also, those uploaded and tagged will appear along with other public Instagram accounts or locations or even Facebook accounts.

To simplify this search, it can be useful to add the keyword ‘Instagram’ as part of your search query. Consequently, this allows the Google image search to be directed toward displaying more results from Instagram. Hence, increasing your chances of coming across your desired stories.

4. Use Someone Else’s Account

Lastly, you could make a request to a friend’s account that follows the private Instagram account. A friend that creates engaging social media content is more likely to have their request approved. 

Meanwhile, if such a friend’s account is successfully following the private Instagram account, you can use it to view the stories. However, this should be done with the friend’s permission. 

In addition, it’s also possible to ask them to help you by taking screenshots of the private account’s stories and sending them to you. This gives you temporary, privileged secondary access to the private Instagram account. Furthermore, this provides you with more time to decide whether or not to send your own follow request. 


Instagram, as a globally recognized social media platform, has taken measures to safeguard its users’ interests. This is visible through its various options for private or restricted access to one’s account and other options that allow for public access. 

On the other hand, a private Instagram isn’t necessarily as private as it sounds. Some of the details are still accessible through specified online means. The tips given in this article are some of the simple tricks that can allow you to have a peek into the stories of private Instagram accounts.  

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