3 Ways You Can Improve Customer Service This Year

Are you struggling to make the projected sales goals you started the year off with? The problem might not be your product; it’s very likely your customer service.

Whether you operate a LiveChat, email and phone representatives, or just a front desk, these interactions with customers go a long way towards forming lifelong fans of your brand. If your agents aren’t doing everything they can to provide an excellent experience, it could dramatically affect sales; customers will choose a brand that they feel solves their issues better. 

Read on for three ways you can improve customer service.

1. Use Good Technology

Having up-to-date technology is a massive part of customer service. This means having fully functional computers, phones, and other hardware. It also means having good software that makes your website and other parts of your business easy to use for both you and the customer.

We recommend call centre software, which uses AI to help connect the client to the department most relevant to their queries.

This software also provides an easy call system that you and your team of employees use to connect and call each other. With the click of a button, the customer service employee can talk to anyone else on the team. 

Some software even offers Click-to-Call call center systems, allowing sales teams to call more leads each day than they could on their own.

2. Focus on a Humanistic and Helpful Approach

A huge complaint about customer service is that it is too robotic, which can lead customers to feel that your brand is disingenuous and uncaring in a couple of different ways:

  • Your customer has to go through many pre-recorded messages. This method reduces the workload on employees; however, it is incredibly irritating and slow for customers to deal with. Instead, have a person on the line with the client, and have them direct the customer to whoever they need.
  • The employee speaks in a monotone voice and asks little follow-up questions. Make sure your employees understand the customer’s problem and empathize with them. The agent should always work towards solving a problem the customer has and should never end the call without asking, “Did we take care of everything for you today?” and “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
  • Your customer can’t understand the agent. Your employee also needs to have good speaking skills to be heard and understood clearly. In addition to speaking well, they also should use positive language, not negative. This means instead of saying, “Don’t do this,” they should say, “Maybe try doing that.”

Focusing on humanizing your brand and offering helpful guidance to customers go a long way; your customers will feel like your agents are more invested in providing a quality solution, and you’ll notice a dramatic spike in customer approval ratings. 

3. Retrain Employees 

When customers call or email an agent, they expect your employees to know what they are doing. And you owe that guarantee to your customers.

Monitor recent agent calls to evaluate how much your employees know about your brand and their ability to answer nuanced questions. If you see flaws in their performance, a retaining workshop might be necessary.

Make sure your employee knows what you sell or what service you provide and post purchase experience also helps a lot in assessing many things. Your client may have a question about a specific item that you sell; if your employee doe not knows or does not know who to put the customer in contact with, the customer may take their business elsewhere.

Make Customer Service a Priority

Having the best customer service is a guaranteed way to boost your sales. And it’s not difficult to enrich customer support. 

Start by making your employees more relatable, understanding, and human when talking to clients. Also, make sure that they know enough about the business and have good communication skills. And finally, invest in top-notch customer service technology to provide the most professional service possible. 

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