3 Ways to Effectively Market Your Green Business

People are more concerned now than ever before about the state of the environment. Therefore, eco-friendly practices are becoming more popular. If your business is going to thrive in a world where consumers feel concerned not only about the products you offer but also how these products impact the environment, it is important for you to highlight the eco-friendly aspects of your business.

It can be a challenge to promote the eco-friendly aspects of your business without sounding preachy or like you are jumping on the bandwagon. The following are three tips on how you can market your eco-friendly business to garner the customer recognition you want.

Tip 1: Go Big or Go Home

If you are going to market yourself as an eco-friendly business, go all in. People want sincerity and honesty. Customers are savvier than ever before and can tell when a company is marketing themselves as green as a publicity stunt. This will turn customers away because modern customers hate hypocrisy.

It doesn’t work to have half of your business dedicated to helping the environment and the other half of it involved in practices that damage the environment. Of course, there is no business out there that is 100 percent eco-friendly. Energy consumption and the creation of byproducts that are not eco-friendly are typically the cost of doing business in the modern world. Still, if you are going to market yourself as eco-friendly, you should do everything reasonably possible to live up to that branding.

If your organization is in the transition from doing things the traditional way to adopting eco-friendly practices, clearly lay that out to your customers. Let them know where you are and what your goals are. If you want people to believe that you truly aspire to go green, you need to stay true to your ideas.

Brand confusion is the worst thing that can happen for an organization trying to adopt green policies. Before marketing yourself as an eco-friendly company, make sure that you fully understand the pros and cons of going green in your industry.

Tip 2: Be a Business Owner Who Sets the Example

As a business owner, you set the pace for your employees in going green. They need to see that you not only talk the talk but that you walk the walk.

Clearly outline what you stand for. It seems hypocritical for a business owner to talk about going green and drive a vehicle that guzzles gas and pollutes the environment. You need to do more than talk about eco-friendliness. These ideals need to be backed up by actions.

For example, a business owner who pioneers green energy could show their commitment to green energy by installing solar panels in their business and home. Besides proving their commitment to being eco-friendly, installing solar panels offers a financial benefit.

In states like New Mexico, for example, there are the New Mexico solar incentives. This is where the government offers financial benefits to people who install solar panels. For the owner of an eco-friendly business, installing solar panels is an easy decision. In addition to staying true to their brand, they can lower their energy bill and save money. It is a win-win scenario.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

You can protect your green reputation by avoiding using billboards and tons of paper products for business promotion. Thankfully, there are several options out there for companies that want to go completely digital. Digital marketing is eco-friendly. It shows tech-savviness. Going completely digital is a great opportunity for a business to reduce its expenses. Digital marketing offers greater freedom with visuals and opens up markets that are not as accessible using paper marketing.

Make your logo green. Try to include some green colors. When customers see your logo, they will immediately link your brand with eco-friendliness. With time, logo rebranding will allow your organization to be recognized as an eco-friendly business. This will lead to increased profits from customers who feel concerned about the impact the products they purchase have on the environment.


Customers expect sincerity from brands marketing themselves as eco-friendly. You can show sincerity by taking advantage of digital marketing, taking the lead in eco-friendliness in your personal life, and going all-in on your eco-friendly endeavors.

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