Integrate Instagram into Your Web Design – 3 Foolproof Ways

People avoid staying on a website if the design is drab and unappealing. Based on the findings of Adobe, 38 percent of visitors stopped interacting with a website that had an unattractive layout. It means that you need to use the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality to design a professional website. There is no doubt about the same. Based on a Businesss2community finding, 94 percent of website visitors’ impressions are associated with web page design. Therefore, you need to think differently when it comes to your page layout. Integrate Instagram into Your Web Design.

According to an article published on, you must design a profile on Instagram that will include your profile image, description, and URL. The profile picture may be your logo or a personal photo with your brand in the background. What better platform than using the photo-sharing site, Instagram and integrating the same into your web design.  Here are three surefire ways to do it:

Integrate Instagram into Your Web Design.

How to Integrate Instagram into Your Web Design.

1. Include your Instagram feed into web design

Integrate your feed into your web design to leverage the full potential of Instagram. Try to do this below the homepage fold. If you have some eye-catching content on your Instagram profile, it will add pizzazz to your business page. The users will be attracted to your website as well as look for the products displayed on the page.

For best results, include an Instagram theme that flawlessly blends with your products on the web page together with the colors. When more users start liking your website and products, you will benefit with regard to real Instagram followers.

2. Use the Instagram badge

There were great painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh who produced great works of art. Then, did you know that you how they used simplicity to make their work look classy and sophisticated? If you are a business owner with a website, these great masters can inspire you with their minimalism and superiority. Yes, the same rule holds when it comes to your web design. Now that you have a website, avoid cluttering the web pages with colors and graphics. Simply include the Instagram badge somewhere in your web pages to create an alluring, sophisticated design. It means followers who love to see your images and videos would be guided to your account when they click on the logo.

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3. Link to your landing page

Do you own an online store? If yes, you know how stiff is the competition out there as far as the e-commerce industry is concerned. You will need the essential tools to boost traffic for your website. It will help you convert your visitors into loyal customers. This is where Instagram plays a crucial role. You can integrate the photo-sharing platform with your web design. The best way is using a link that will connect to your landing page on Instagram’s profile description.

The images on the landing page will make it simpler for your potential customers to learn more about your business and products. Subsequently, it would increase the possibilities of purchasing your products.


Now that you know about these useful tips, integrate Instagram into your website design. You’ll be surprised by the results.

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