2021 Kitchen Trends – What Styles Are In for Kitchens in 2021

Undoubtedly, in 2020, we have spent more time at home than ever before. Our way of cooking, relaxing, and working from home has brought a tremendous change in the way we decorate our homes.

Keeping this in mind, we interviewed several interior designers about the styling trends of the current year. According to them, besides the home office space, the kitchen will be the next important thing in home décor in 2021. 

Apart from hygiene and cleanliness practices, designers feel a dire need to make the kitchen a multipurpose space. If you are planning for a kitchen renovation this year, read about the latest color, styles, fixtures, and finishing trends below: 

1. Warm Colors 

Though white will remain to be the favorite kitchen color, other warmer shades are added to the list. Colors like aqua, lightest orange, and beige are supposed to give a feeling of comfort. When people are going through some tough situations, having a pleasing and relaxed environment is mandatory. 

Furthermore, these soft colors look great when combined with greenery. Using indoor plants in the kitchen can make you feel refreshed in this hard-working space. Wood tones and woven textures can also add a sense of sophistication. 

Additionally, a kitchen counter with bar stools is essential. It can become a perfect snack-time space for kids as well as people working from home. Instead of creating a mess around the dining table, this single counter will clutter up. Thus, cleaning will become easier and require less time. 

2. Touchless Faucets 

Due to the increased awareness about hygiene practices, touchless faucets will become another essential for the 2021 kitchens. Be it a home or office, the need for touchless faucets is everywhere. In comparison to the traditional lever-style faucets, these touchless faucets are less risky when it comes to catching germs. 

Moreover, a smart 2021 kitchen also welcomes voice-activated faucets. Yes, now you can use your voice to get water for handwashing. Besides this, you can get the exact amount of water for pasta, rice, soup, etc. This gives your kitchen sink a modern-day look besides making it more hygienic. 

For these ultra-smart faucets, you can select darker colors. Black is also a good option for adding luxury to the kitchen appearance. This is even more important if you are using a warmer color tone. 

3. Increased Storage 

The recent insecure time has taught us many lessons. One of them is ample storage space. Since every country experienced a strict lockdown, people bought groceries in bulk. This has given birth to the need for more storage space for kitchen items. 

In the current year, two main kitchen storage spaces are important. These include the pantry for storing groceries and a freezer for fresh food. Freezers can store your food for a long. Thus, people who are already having a tough time managing work from home besides looking after the kids can store food easily. 

Apart from it, small kitchen appliances like air fryers, bread makers, sandwich makers are high in demand. Since people are working from home, these kitchen appliances help in reducing the cooking effort. Therefore, space for additional appliances is also essential. Thus, kitchen organizers, larger cabinets, and kitchen cupboards are the new trend for this year. 

4. Specialty Ovens 

Gone are the days when traditional ovens were used. Today, convection speed ovens are trending around the globe. These ovens perfectly combine the functions of modern and traditional ovens. Consequently, we get a tremendous result in less time. Furthermore, baking broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and many other things are now possible with a single unit. 

Bonus Tip: 

If you have a traditional gas oven at home and you are replacing it with an electric convection oven, be highly careful. Any mishandling can result in a gas explosion or other incident. Besides this, make sure that you have a gas certificate in hand. 

Additionally, with the rise in these ovens, people are becoming more careful about the health impacts of food. Similarly, people are likely to shift towards steam cooking as the health benefits of steam-cooked food are great. Thus, many people are changing their microwave ovens with steam ovens. 

5. Outdoor Connectivity 

The recent kitchen trends are all about outdoor connectivity. The inflow of fresh air, ventilation, and sunlight can bring a drastic change to your cooking experience. Besides this, the outdoor looks like greenery, and the sky right from the kitchen window make you feel fresh. Therefore, big windows and larger doors are likely to trend this year. 

Though this trend is costly as it requires an architectural change, it comes with long-term health benefits. It will keep good ventilation in the house, thus eliminating the risk of catching germs. 

6. Marble Will Remain in Trend 

Tough we can notice a big change in many kitchen-design trends, the use of marble is still trending. Instead, designers are now using more marble to add a contemporary style look. For reducing cost and enhancing the visual appearance, marble sheets are also available. These sheets are pasted on the walls of the kitchen. 

Original marble, which is used for kitchen counters, will keep trending. However, specific colors like black, grey, and white marbles are the top picks by designers. Additionally, marble and metal tables are the new trend in the market. These tables can be used in the kitchen as well as the living room. 

If your kitchen is big enough to place a small dining table at the corner, consider the one with a marble top and metal base. 

Wrapping It Up 

In short, some of the kitchen trends are changed as per the current needs. Since more and more people are working from home, a kitchen with a minimalistic design and high in comfort is ideal. 

Besides this, connectivity with the outdoors and greenery is essential. Storage space that was not given much importance in the past has now become a key factor. For aesthetics, the use of marble and wooden tones is preferred by most designers.

So, combine all these key trends for this year and give a fresh look to your kitchen. 

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