Web Design Trends For 2019

Web Design trends 2019

Beautiful design always and everywhere

When we say “always and everywhere,” we mean adaptability, the responsiveness of design. If the website easily adapts to display formats, whether it is a 24-inch monitor or a 5-inch smartphone, it has every chance of becoming successful. The possibilities of the Internet, including wireless, are growing. Mobile traffic is significantly undervalued, andfact it is a tasty morsel for e-commerce. The volume of traffic from smartphones and tablets is only increasing, so the site on mobile devices and computers should look equally good.

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The fame and the glory to illustrations

fame and the glory to illustrations

When the site has at least a few illustrations drawn by the artist (even if at least), he immediately stands out among millions of others. In the 2018-2019 sites with images will become more, because this is a great way to emphasize your individuality with the help of color and unusual pattern of web design. Photos, even if of excellent quality, are rather annoying. And the illustrations give the resource some zest and charm.

Be careful with asymmetry

On the one hand, asymmetry is challenging those who have become banal card layouts. They placed the title in an unexpected place, made different blocks – the original site is ready. If asymmetry is used by a professional, it turns out a masterpiece. But be careful. In the inept hands, such web design trends are quickly turning into chaos.

Creative basement

For many years, designers deliberately ignored the footer of the site. Just because few people turn the page to the end and rarely learn the footer. If earlier one could notice minimalism and simplicity in web design were observed, then 2019 is blown up by a new trend – the creative design of the basement.
Everything that was used to provide contact information, registration, moved to a new space. The inclusion of new elements will make the basement the most critical aspect that deserves attention.

Minimalism: Less is More

minilimism -web designing trends

Another significant trend from 2018, will inevitably move to 2019 – a minimalist design. Replaced by dubious frames, tasteless “caps,” overloaded “footers” came minimalism in web design, and the motto “Less is more” inspired more than one galaxy of artists. Focus on content quality, not bright colors and catchy frames.

Colorless buttons

Leaving in minimalism could not pass without a trace for the design of the buttons. The use of “ghostly,” almost colorless buttons has become a good tradition. The with optional elements do not overload the site, and it looks fresh and original.

What scrolling will be popular?

Two types of scrolling are becoming popular among website owners and users. The first is parallax. Its essence lies in the animation, which is at different speeds in different layers. For example, the picture in the background moves more slowly than in the front. It turns out a fresh and unusual visual perception.
The second type of scrolling, which will also rule the ball in 2019 – endless scrolling. Its essence lies in the fact that as soon as the user reaches the lower limit, the content is updated and loaded again. A typical example of endless scrolling is social networks (Facebook, VK). The trend is interesting, in demand, necessary. But can irritate the news resource.

Which CMS to choose?

CMS to choose -web designing trends

The TOP-3 “boxed” CMS includes 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS and NetCat. Three leaders among the open-source CMS were as follows: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! By and large, there is no fundamental difference on which CMS your site works. Choose what is more convenient, familiar, better in your subjective opinion. Search engines have repeatedly stated that the choice of CMS affects the quality of the site. To achieve optimal functionality, you will have to refine any framework or engine.

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Cross-browser Compatibility

At first glance, the question has long been trite, because of repeated growing. But the study of some, even very well-known sites, allows us to conclude that there is insufficient compatibility or lack of it. Every business owner should strive to ensure that his website is correctly displayed on all platforms, without exception, in all browsers. The trend of 2019 will be more thorough testing of cross-browser compatibility.

CSS Animation

Animation using CSS helps to implement very original design ideas. But in this matter, there are many difficulties — for example, the dependence of CSS-animation from the browser.


Undeservedly forgotten, but an essential element of any site is proper to use of fonts. He is considered something of secondary and unimportant, often underestimated. Meanwhile, readability, the psychological perception of information depends on a correctly chosen font. When the fonts are neat and unobtrusive, I want to read such text. The most exciting article will seem boring, even annoying if the font is incorrect. So, pick the best font which suits your design like Nexa Font Free.

Shades and colors that are impressive

Bold and impressive palettes are the trend of recent years and will remain at the helm in 2019. Most of them are on digital platforms. According to experts, in the future, the effectiveness of commercial sites will directly depend on the user’s satisfaction with the color gamut.


Storytelling web designing trends

When it comes to trends in web design, you can not ignore such an essential element as storytelling. Coming up with a beautiful story of creating a product or brand, diluting it with exciting animation and presenting the user on a silver platter is the top of the skill of web design. Dry numbers have not been impressive for a long time, especially in the B2C segment. At the forefront of visual animation. In 2018, storytelling proved to be a good one, the trends of web design in 2019 speak of its further consolidation and expansion of opportunities.

It is possible that the future lies precisely with the storytelling and its trends – a virtual and augmented reality.

Flat Design 2.0

Experts are concerned that the popularity of flat structures goes into the background. In 2018, a new solution appeared, which will surely be in demand next year. It is the so-called “flat design.”
What is the feature of Flat 2.0? Two-dimensional objects are tinted, they add depth. The most vivid examples of such a redesign are Stripe, Instagram. Even such “mastodons” of the digital world, such as Apple, Dropbox, are actively improvising with shadows.

Artificial Intelligence

Real trends in web design are somehow related to artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that it captured many areas of life, penetrated corporate CRM, electronic translators, and search engines. Distant prospects for AI are very vague, but today you can actively implement it in web design.


Continuing the topic of artificial intelligence, we want to dwell on interactivity. Increasingly, you can find interactive elements. The implementation of interactive elements remains unattainable for many webmasters – it is quite challenging to implement it. However, over time, interactivity will cease to be a problem.


The article reviewed the critical trends of web design, which will be relevant in 2018-2019; they should pay attention to developers, web designers, site owners. If in general, the new trends open up virtually unlimited scope for imagination. Play with the forms; feel free to experiment, using a variety of design techniques. However, the great thing is moderation. The newly released news and methods are still trying to implement, and they need a sensible approach. If you go too far, it is straightforward to turn a decent web resource into real bad taste.

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