20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Today, every professional should invest his time and energy into building an online presence to be one step ahead of the competition. And as a modern writer, you should create a portfolio website to showcase your works to a global audience.

Are you a book writer who struggles to boost sales? Or maybe you are a freelance writer who wants to land a new project? Choose a catchy WordPress theme from thousands available online, and you will achieve the desired results.

If you don’t want to waste hours and hours of your time discovering a perfect option, look through this post. Here you will find 20 amazing free WordPress themes for writers. 

1. Creative Elentra

If you are looking for a simple theme with minimalist design, take a look at this WordPress theme. Creative Elentra theme is light weighted and easy to customize. So even if you have never built a website before, you can use it without facing any problem.

2. Portfolio Web

Portfolio Web is an excellent theme for writers, whose primary goal is to build a personal brand. This minimalist WordPress theme allows showcasing works in a well-organized and professional manner. 

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/portfolio-web/

3. Vivid Blog

This WordPress theme is a great option for writers who want to grab website visitors’ attention from the very first second. Vivid Blog is a theme with a unique and attractive slider and social menu at the top right. 

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/vivid-blog/

4. Saaya

Saaya is a WordPress theme with a simple, user-friendly design. If you choose this theme, you can be sure that your readers will find your website easy to navigate. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Saaya is translation ready, and that it’s compatible with WooCommerce and other popular plugins

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/saaya/

5. Blogberg

If you are interested in choosing a playful, vivid design, pay your attention to the Blogberg WordPress theme. It’s a new interesting blog theme that comes with such essential features as archive page options, single post page options, cross-browser compatibility, and RTL language support.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/blogberg/

6. Online CV Resume 

If you want your personal website look more like an online CV, choose this WordPress theme. It has a modern design. And it’s a perfect option for freelance writers who want to impress their prospective clients. This free WordPress theme is 100% responsive, so it works nicely on all mobile and desktop devices.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/clean-blocks/

7. Myself

Myself is a modern portfolio WordPress theme that you can use to showcase your writings and your biography. This fully responsive theme comes with different layouts with sidebar position and social menu at the top right.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/myself/

8. Magpaper

If you want your blog to look like an online magazine, this WordPress theme is right for you. It’s a perfect option for writers who cover such topics as politics, social issues, and current events. Magpaper theme has a clean design, and it is easy to use.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/magpaper/

9. Gute Portfolio

Gute Portfolio theme will help you to create an elegant black-and-white website that will engage visitors and generate curiosity. This WordPress theme is fully editable and has flexible functionality.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/gute-portfolio/

10. One Page Portfolio

If you struggle to make your website as simple as possible, consider using One Page Portfolio. This WordPress theme includes only the most essential elements and features that will allow you to create a sleek writer portfolio website.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/one-page-portfolio/

11. Blog Page

If you are going to publish fresh content on a daily bases, you should choose a Blog Page theme. This popular WordPress theme allows adding new pages in a hassle-free way. 

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/blog-page/

12. WOW Blog

Here is another great WordPress theme to create a professional blog. You don’t need to have any specific knowledge to use it. Even if you are a web designer newbie, you will be able to update the header, logo, or sidebar of the page fast and easily.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/wow-blog/

13. Blog Lover

If you have a blog on Instagram and want to create a blog on WordPress, take a closer look at Blog Lover theme. It’s a simple theme that comes with multiple menus as well as one, two, and three column layouts. 

Blog Lover theme allows users to set sliders with Instagram images and videos. And it works great when it comes to growing social media presence

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/blog-lover/

14. Classy Moments

If you are more into a classy design, you may like Classy Moments theme. It looks stylish and elegant. This free WordPress theme will help you to capture the hearts of your readers from the very first visit.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/classy-moments/

15. Full Page 

If you are going to add high-resolution images to your site, Full Page theme is a good option to consider. This WordPress theme comes with a full-width page slider that is simple, flexible, and easy to use.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/full-page/

16. Catch Vogue

Catch Vogue is a stylish, fast-loading theme with a sleek design. Whether you write about fashion trends, celebrities lives’, or cover any other “fancy” topics, Catch Vogue is a suitable option for you.

This theme is easy to use. You don’t need any coding knowledge to customize it.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/catch-vogue/

17. Wisdom Minimal

If you practice minimalism in life and writing, you will like Wisdom Minimal. This free WordPress theme is easy-to-install. And it means that you can start publishing your content immediately after the activation. 

Wisdom Minimal has a fully responsive design so your website will be displayed beautifully across desktop, mobile, and all devices. 

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/wisdom-minimal/

18. Cheery

If you want your future website has an elegant, carefully crafted design, check out the Cheery WordPress theme. It comes with responsive features that you can use to boost the effectiveness of your website. 

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/cheery/

19. Shuttle Corporate

This WordPress theme is a free version of Shuttle Pro. It is lightweight, responsive, and SEO friendly. So if you want to get your website to the top of the Google search results, don’t hesitate to choose this theme.

Screenshot source: https://wordpress.org/themes/shuttle-corporate/

20. Shuttle Dark

If you prefer not white, but dark themes, here is an excellent option for you. Shuttle dark works as effectively as other Shuttle themes, but it looks even more stylish and elegant.

To achieve success, choose a WordPress theme that reflects your personality and matches your writing style. Follow this advice and create a website of your dreams.

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