10 Best Legit ways to Make Money Online from Home

If you read my previous article : Earn money online the right way I discussed the online earning industry and tried to outline some of the most popular ways to make money online. In today’s blog post, I decided to go deeper in this topic.

The internet continue to grow insanely which makes it necessary to update our knowledge to adopt these changes. Some relatively new technologies such us Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are being deployed in all of our live’s aspects.

In the tech industry, specialists confirm that there will be no need in the future to go to your office in your company every morning to start working. Instead, you’ll be able to work remotely using your laptop and your VR Gear.

VR will be the future, but what about the current situation ?

No matter what are your skills, two key points you should be aware of to achieve your dream. Making a monthly considerable income online needs Hardworking and patience. Actually, newbies often misunderstand these aspects, even some of them think that working online is extremely comfortable and doesn’t require to work hard.

This is absolutely wrong ! You should know at first that if you want to see amazing results at the end, you should work and work !

15 Best ways to make money online

Lots of people have succeeded to build thousands of dollar businesses using one of the following 15 ways to make money online.

1) Blogging – Make Money Online

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to start an online business. At first, All you need is a great knowledge in your blog’s niche, as well as good SEO knowledge. Once you reach considerable traffic, you’ll be able to turn your readers into customers.

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You can either sell affiliate products in your blog or register to ads providers like Google AdSense.

2) Freelancing – Make Money Online

In order to become a freelancer, you need to have a specific skills. Freelancing is getting more and more professional and to earn a contract you really need to master your job.

Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing platforms, thousands of companies and employers are seeking talented candidates every day. Most of the published opportunities are tech related jobs including software engineering, web design, web development, computer science but there are also data entry jobs, article writing, SEO, market research and graphic design.

3) Selling photos – Make Money Online

If you have a good camera and you’re passionate about photography, you can turn your passion into a serious business. Several websites allow you to sell your photos online, lot of photographers are making a decent monthly income from selling photos. The most popular photos marketplaces are : Dreamstime, Shutterstock, istockphoto, fotolia.

4) Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Online

If you do it right, Affiliate marketing could turn you into a millionaire, for the simple reason that there is no earnings limit. Clickbank, for example, is a marketplace of digital products where companies/people sell their digital goods including software, ebooks, themes, guides, ….

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You can signup for free and start earning not by selling products but by promoting other’s products. The earning commission depends on the product but generally, it’s great, it can reach up to 75% of the product price.

Clickbank isn’t alone in the Affiliate Marketing world; because it’s a very lucrative business, several companies have implemented an Affiliate system: Amazon Associates, eBay partner network and JVZoo are among the top affiliate networks.

5) Create and sell video courses on Udemy – Make Money Online

Udemy is a popular service that allows tutors to earn from their video courses. Udemy is widely known and it has a huge students network so you don’t worry about the marketing and promotion of your courses.

As a tutor, you can submit your video course almost about anything for free and if it’s really an attractive course; students will subscribe an pay you.

Lots of teachers have left their regular job to join this amazing service as it pays really well.

6)Translate content on onehourtranslation.com – Make Money Online

So you master a second language ? onehourtranslation gives you the opportunity to transform your skills into real business. You’ll be required to pass a small test before getting approved. If you do it the right way, you’ll be approved as a certified translator at onehourtranslation, then customers will hire you for their translation projects.

7) Upload your videos to YouTube – Make Money Online

Surely you watched a video at YouTube at least once in your life. But, do you know that videos owners earn a lot of money from YouTube.

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YouTube is a Google service and it’s integrated with AdSense making it easy for publishers to earn from their videos.Trust me, if you have videos of your beautiful cat you can easily monetize them and start earning today.
Earnings depend on many factors including number of video views, ads clicks…

8) Sell graphics at Graphicriver.net – Make Money Online

If you’re a skilled Graphic designer, Graphicriver is for you. It belongs to the envato marketplace and it’s really for serious designers as approval is very hard at Graphicriver, they only approve high quality designs, but once your work got accepted it will be available for hundreds of thousands of customers across the world.

9) Sell icons at Iconfinder – Make Money Online

Iconfinder is another graphics marketplace but it’s only for icons. The minimum icon price is 1$ which makes it relatively easy for iconographers to monetize their icons much better than any other network.

10) Promote hosting providers – Make Money Online

It’s very similar to affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to signup for free to one of hosting affiliate systems and start promoting their products. The best providers are BlueHost which pay up to 65$ for every sale you make and HostGator which pay 125$ per sale.

So these were some of the best ways to make Money Online. If you know some more tips on making money online tell others in the comment section below.

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