10 Ways to Keep Your Vacation Home Clean When You’re Away

If you have a vacation home, it’s essential to clean your property before returning to your permanent residence. That way, every time you decide to come back, you will be welcomed with fresh sheets, a clean kitchen and a bathroom, meaning you won’t have to miss out on anything to clean your vacation home. Here are some ways to keep this area tidy until the next visit.

Empty the fridge

Most Australians who own vacation homes visit these properties during the holiday season. So, if you haven’t planned to return to your vacation home anytime soon, it would be best to empty the fridge before you lock the doors. You don’t want to find spoiled foods in the fridge, followed by an unpleasant smell. 

Wash the dishes

After an excellent vacation, you’ll probably be too exhausted to clean. But, if you wash and put away all dishes, you won’t have to deal with stubborn stains the next time you decide to go on a vacation.

Take out all trash

Leaving the trash in the bin will only make your next vacation more unpleasant. To prevent that from happening, take out all the garbage and keep your garbage bins clean.

Change the bedsheets

You’re most likely to be tired after a long trip, so change all bed sheets in your vacation home. Then, the next time you come around, you won’t have to put in extra effort to prepare your vacation home for a cosy and comfortable experience.

Clean the bathroom thoroughly

Mould and mildew are every homeowner’s worst enemies. But, if you thoroughly clean your bathroom before going home, you can minimise the risk of finding green or black walls the next time you visit your vacation home. While you’re at it, check for leaks and make sure to clean hard water stains in the shower and keep your bathroom furniture moisture-free.

Wash and put away laundry

If you tend to leave clothes in your vacation home, it would be best to keep the laundry basket empty when you’re away. So, wash all your clothes, iron them and put them away, and make a list of clothes you might need to bring for the next season.

Declutter your home

We’ve all been guilty of drinking or partying when we’re on vacation. If you love to host dinner parties at your vacation home, you should clean all clutter and make your living room and outdoor space more presentable. By keeping your home clutter-free, you will always return to a clean and welcoming space.

Mow the lawn

Regardless of how often you visit your vacation home, you should mow and improve the lawn at the end of each visit. In addition, you can trim the trees and shrubs in your backyard, clean the gutters and inspect your property for leaks or cracks. Keeping the property and yard clean will help you keep the pests at bay and prevent damage.

Clean the carpets

If the carpets are not cleaned correctly and regularly, they can again become dirtier quite quickly. Soil and residue will build up, especially if your vacation home is near the beach. Carpet cleaning professionals in Perth can help you prevent the sand grains, dirt and dust from piling in your carpet and make your living room drastically cleaner and safer for the next visit.

Take some extra time to clean the kitchen

Pest infestations can ruin your vacation and make your property uninhabitable. Food and shelter are some of the main reasons pests want to enter your home. But, if you keep your kitchen clean and ensure there aren’t any food particles and sugar grains on the kitchen floor, you can minimise the risk of finding cockroaches, ants, and other bugs in your kitchen when you return to your vacation home.


Keeping your vacation home clean can be challenging, especially if you only visit this property  once or twice a year. But, if you take the time to prepare your property for the next visit, every vacation will be more enjoyable. If possible, ask a friend or hire someone to inspect the property at least once a month while you’re away. So, if something happens, you will be able to take care of the damage on time and keep your vacation home in good condition.

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