10 Trends of B2B Marketing For 2019

Speaking about marketing trends, I want to mention technologies that have invested billions of dollars in R & D. They are already quite widespread, universal, that is, applicable in all, without exception, industries. Potentially, these technologies can turn our ideas about marketing upside-down.

In 2019, a large number of startups working in these areas will move to the stage of active expansion, the practical implementation of solutions aimed at monetizing projects and will offer the market new products and services, including marketing.

For a start, make sure you:

  • segmented the market and focused on priority segments;
  • deprived of competitors with the help of positioning and unique selling point;
  • Do not try to sell point blank but use a competent heating system: you know what excites potential buyers at each of the stages of readiness for a deal, answer questions and smoothly lead them to the decision to buy.

 Are you done? Now I propose to

Look at B2B marketing trends for 2019:


Create a community for people who are potentially interested in your product. Answer their questions, help to solve problems, and include in the posts advertising component occasionally only. By purchasing, these people can become advocates for brands and attract new clients for you.


YouTube today is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook, and the story on Instagram is as famous as the posts. You can do product reviews, training documents for clients, record reviews, film the process of creating a product, organize live question and answer sessions. Anything, as long as the content was excellent and engaging for the audience. Experts also announced 2019 the year of vertical video, as the optimal format for Facebook and Instagram. People do not like to turn the phone in their hands, trying to watch a horizontal video make them comfortable.


For example, people use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions, “warming up” leads, solving typical tasks. They will not help where thoughtful analysis is required, but they will relieve your staff and relieve them from the dull routine.


Do not work without a strategic marketing plan that includes market research and analysis of competitors (I have already spoken about their importance many times). Following the results of the study, conduct a SWOT analysis to determine your problems. Without understanding the current market situation, you risk future product and your money.


It is expensive to maintain a full-fledged marketing department, and hiring abroad specialist is not useful. It will not be able to cope with all tasks equally well. In the US, 63% of B2B companies (mostly small and medium businesses) use the services of marketing agencies, I think, and our business people will come to this eventually.


It is customary to allocate at least 10% and use them primarily for the development and improvement of websites, Internet marketing and participation in events.


It is already actively used to determine the parameters of promising leads. They take a database with the data of the existing clients of the company, and a list of their standard features is compiled using AI. Previously, such work would take days and weeks.


Researchers predict, for example, that in 2019 the number of users who prefer voice search will increase. For it to work correctly, you will need to make a list of frequently asked questions and add a section with answers to them.


Connect opinion leaders popular in your city or area. Make a list of favorite blogs, pages, groups and channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and other platforms, watch their audience, and then offer cooperation in one format or another.


Take care of the quality of the content you share with the audience. In 2019, the emphasis will shift from quantity to class — users are tired; they have something like banner blindness, only to articles and letters. Make sure that every text you write (or for you) is essential for the representatives of Central Asia: it answers their questions, gives them solutions for solving problems, helps to do something faster, more comfortable, or at a lower cost. This approach will surely pay off.

 Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing


In point of fact, there is nothing new, but at the same time there is one important feature to take into consideration. The main characteristic feature of tools for B2B marketing this year is the “humanization” and “revitalization” of content and work methodology. From now on for business tools, quality and quantity indicators come to the fore, that is, the number of subscribers and likes from repost, pale into insignificance.

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