10 Tips to Help You Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

According to the American National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, finding the best criminal defense attorney for your legal counsel demands can be challenging, especially since many lawyers are out there with hidden reputations and other characteristics you wouldn’t know until you work with them. Thankfully, before you settle to work with a criminal defense attorney, these tips can and will help you find the best fit for your needs, particularly if you’ll consider dependable legal representatives like Whitney Boan a lawyer in Orlando.

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Legal Needs

Whether you’re facing DUI or other criminal charges, an experienced and passionate defense attorney is the best shot you’ve got to increase the odds of winning your case, especially if your defendant works with dependable legal counsel or they know the ins and outs of getting away with crimes. However, since all defense attorneys are not equally created, finding the best attorney for you takes consideration of factors like:


Normally, the law categorizes criminals in three basic offense classes, including felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Therefore, based on the level of your criminal charges, you’ll want to consider looking for an attorney who precisely specializes in the level you’re charged with. Also, considering specialty is essential considering criminal offenses are differentiated based on severity. Unless your attorney is excellently qualified with handling your crime level severity, your odds of losing are high.


Like any other field in life, passion surpasses experience and academic qualifications. Moreover, while you may find an experienced attorney, you’ll distinguish a passionate lawyer from others, especially if they don’t work with juniors whom most lawyers leave to handle clients’ cases while they pursue other things. Be sure to find a passionate attorney ready and dedicated to serving you to offer you the assurance your matter is in good hands and that you’ll be satisfied from start to end despite the results.


Unlike other fields, the legal industry defines experience from real work over academic qualifications. As such, make sure you’ve got an attorney with a wealth of knowledge and experience in court, especially those who have been to multiple trials. An attorney who has been to court and trials understands how to measure your odds of winning; thus, they’ll correctly guide you if taking the matter to court or handle it via mediation is the best option helping you save money and time.


When you’re faced with criminal charges, time becomes essential, especially when the plaintiff presses charges and has responsive legal counsel meaning they’ll quickly plan everything in time, increasing their odds for winning and more. Moreover, despite being responsive, your attorney must be flexible in handling urgent matters such as going for evidence before they are destroyed, particularly if you’re accused of negligently causing accidents or other crimes you know happened naturally without your carelessness. Also, a responsive attorney saves you last-minute court charges and lets you know if you’re supposed to prepare for court sessions and more.

Expertise with local courts

A good lawyer has got accomplished relationships with local judges and prosecutors. They’ll help you increase your odds of winning or get a chance for reduced fines and jail time based on their connections with top legal representatives.

Referrals and recommendations

Friends and family who’ve gone through the same criminal charges can excellently help you find the best criminal attorney for your needs, especially if they refer you to lawyers who helped them win. However, before settling for recommendations, be sure the said attorney specializes in your crimes and if they are readily available at that moment.


Based on your state and the severity of your crime, attorneys tend to charge differently.  Therefore, finding the best criminal attorney for you takes into account your ability to afford them first. Make sure your budget aligns with their charges to avoid falling out with them in the middle of your trial, which can and will negatively affect your case’s outcome, especially if you’ll have to represent yourself before the verdict.


Despite their experience and academic qualification, a good lawyer will be honest with you about your case. They’ll let you know if you’ve good odds of winning, or you shouldn’t waste time and money fighting a case you’ll lose. Alternatively, an honest attorney will disclose their charges first instead of increasing, especially if you’ve got a fixed budget. Also, make sure they explain to you the possible penalties to expect and what to and not do while pursuing the matter.

Handling the matter based on your interests

No matter their experience, a good lawyer should take directions from you, considering you know what you’re looking for at the end. They should also involve you on matters concerning filing court motions and witness calls or evidence collection.

Their working strategies

To increase your chances of winning, a hardworking attorney who conducts thorough investigations fights during court proceedings and looks for ways to have your penalties reduced is the best shot you’ll want. Be sure to choose an attorney with the right enthusiasm for doing everything in their power to help you win without violations.


Before working with an attorney, trust your instincts and assess their experience, working strategy, and charges. These and more of the above help you avoid wasting time and money with cases you’ve got low odds of winning.

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