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10 Tips on Hiring a Ship Survey Service

Hiring a Ship Survey

There are different reasons as to why you need to hire ship survey services. You should hire a firm that has a positive reputation and the necessary experience in the field such that they understand some of the common complications that arise when dealing with ships.

Some of the tips to consider when hiring a ship surveyor include:

1. Understand How to Select a Crew

You should ensure that you have a common understanding with the ship supplier. Most of the suppliers usually offer crewed options, and you need to consider all the details first. For starters, is the crew experienced enough, and do they possess enough technical knowledge? Ensure the whole crew is certified. The certification should also be current, and the categories and locations should also be varied.

2. Understand Your Needs

You might experience a series of issues as you hire a ship surveyor if you’re not conversant with your technical requirements. The scope of operations should be well detailed. There are situations whereby the charterers usually contract the ships and later realize the vessel could not effectively handle the operations at hand. Regardless of whether the ship supplier has stated that the ship can handle certain operations, it is good to carry out some due diligence such that you’ll be confident that you’re acquiring the right ship.

3. Is the Ship Surveyor Compliant?

This is a major risk area when hiring or acquiring a ship. The charterer is held responsible by the national administration globally for the requirements revolving around health and safety. You should understand that regardless of the assurances issued by the ship supplier and surveyor, you should have your own safety management policy, and you should adhere to it. You should solicit professional advice from an independent party, and you’ll be in a position to ensure that everything takes place accordingly. The surveyor will guide you on everything to do with compliance.

4. Does the Surveyor Deal with Maintenance?

This is the responsibility of the party acquiring or hiring the ship. As a result, you should focus on your provisions and the technical capacity to ensure maintenance takes place accordingly. Ensure you understand the maintenance plans well. If you fail to ensure the ship is well maintained, you’ll incur some hefty bills later on. If the surveyor notices any issues with the ship, they can issue recommendations and also guide you on everything to do with maintenance.

5. The Surveyor Should Be Insured and Licensed

Such areas should not be overlooked. If you’re hiring a ship, you’ll be confident the insurance part has been covered. The surveyor should be insured and licensed. The license is an assurance that you’re dealing with a trained professional who is also operating legally. The insurers should be issued a hire agreement, and they can help handle all the insurance issues that may arise. If you’re acquiring a ship, you’ll have to cater to the insurance independently.

6. Look for a Professional Who Knows How to Build a Ship

The ship surveyor’s professional offering could be a former contractor who would play a huge role when a ship is being built. You should understand the difference between someone who has witnessed a ship being built and someone who has a captain’s license. The ship surveyor should check the engine’s condition and determine whether electrical systems are safe and reliable.

7. Evaluate The Performance First

You should hire a professional who handles ship surveyors throughout. Ensure the professional you’re hiring has at least 10 years of experience and they have a positive track record. If you work with a surveyor who is a part-timer, the quality of service you receive won’t be as good—also, integrity matters in such instances.

8. Gauge the Skill Set of the Marine Surveyor

You cannot hire a contractor without determining whether they offer quality services or not. The ship surveyor should issue references that will help to determine their levels of competence. A competent ship surveyor possesses certain qualities, including experience, technical proficiency, and they’re also trustworthy. The surveyor should also be in a position to pay attention to detail.

9. Look Into the Mechanical Background of the Surveyor

A professional ship surveyor should have a mechanical background. They might have been working with engines in the past, or they were installing electrical systems. The main focus is on ensuring the surveyor understands the components of the whole system in a ship. Ensure you’ve dug deep to learn more about the technical proficiency and the background of the surveyor.

10. Ask for References and Samples of Previous Work

There are ship sellers who might pay the ship surveyor to skip this process. In this case, you should ask for work samples to determine whether the ship surveyor is skilled enough to handle the survey task to your expectations. A professional won’t hesitate to produce the references. You should also ensure the surveyor has good communication skills.

Final Thoughts

As you look for a ship survey service that offers quality services, you should consider each of the tips listed above.

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