10 Most Dangerous App for Kids

Your kid loves when someone showers them with attention, especially when someone engages with their post with likes, comments, or shares. When your child prefers staying at home and playing with a laptop and mobile, you must realize that your children are becoming addicted to the online world. Often you may think this is normal behavior, but usually, this is not the case.

Your innocent kid may not know what lies beyond the internet. A kid believes what they see; similarly, your kid may think of social media as a real world. Whenever you come across your children’s friends, you may notice that their conversation will include social media. The social media craze is not suitable for your kid, as it mentally and physically affects the body.

10 Risky Apps For Your Kids

As a parent, you should make your kids aware of the Dangerous apps from the beginning. You may be aware of inappropriate and malicious content on the Internet, not suitable for children. Social media often contains many online predators and lurkers, making it even riskier for your children. Here is a list of the ten dangerous applications that might affect your child’s development.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is all about creating and sharing memories. It contains effects and filters specially made for kids that make your picture and video attractive and eye-catching. Teenagers are especially attracted to Snapchat because of messages on Snapchat with a time limit where they can view their friend’s content for 10 seconds or less.

How is Snapchat Harmful?

  • There is a false sense of security that the picture or video disappears as soon as they open the message. Although if a message gets deleted, the other person still can take a screenshot and blackmail you. 
  • Snapchat has specifically stated that any pictures or videos posted on Snapchat officially belong to Snapchat, i.e., they can redistribute or sell it if they will choose. 

2. Kik App

Kik Messenger is a social networking app and chatting app that helps communicate with people, including friends and strangers. It allows users to create a username or id and connect people without using their mobile phone, due to which you can easily share pictures and videos with them.

How is Kik App Harmful?

  • It can be riskier for your kids as it allows users to connect and communicate with each other by remaining anonymous without revealing actual names or phone numbers. 
  • If something really bad happens or your child gets abused or blackmailed, it becomes difficult to get any information about the person on the other end of the message.
  • Moreover, multiple reports have been registered regarding this app for being used to commit heinous crimes. 

The sharing of content has often led to hacking, abuse, cyberbullying, blackmailing, and even death. How to protect your child from Kik App


3. TikTok

TikTok is all about s creating and sharing your videos and content with the world. You can also show various talents like acting, drama, singing, education, and many more with the world. Why is Tik Tok popular with children? Children love copying celebrities, due to which children are addicted to Tik Tok. Except that 

How is Tik Tok Harmful?

  • People all over the world post innumerable amounts of content (either good or inappropriate) on TikTok. Your kids may get exposure to inappropriate content such as adult content, abusive and hateful comments. 
  • People often run after likes and post content providing wrong information that can mislead your kid’s knowledge. 
  • Tiktok is so transparent when it comes to its privacy and security and what data it collects. So your kids must be aware of what they share on TikTok

4. Meetme app

The Meetme app is all about communicating and meeting with people. The first thing parents should know about Meet me is that it is also a dating app. If your kids are extroverted and like making new friends online, or might want to experience dating, you should be careful because this doesn’t bring negative consequences.

How is the Meet me app Harmful?

  • This app lacks privacy. Everything that your kid posts is quickly availed to total strangers. 
  • The age requirement to access this app is above 13, but there is no feature for the age verification process.
  • Your kids may hook up with someone older than them, pretending they are of the same age, disturbing them later mentally and emotionally.
  • As MeetMe is a dating app, your kids may start acting like grown-up kids seeking their love of life that ultimately hampers their academic education. 

5. Blendr 

Blendr, the online, socially flirtatious chat-to-meet app, will help you find nearby dates. It uses people’s mobile device’s location services to connect people with the singles in your area who share similar interests and want to communicate. Users can share pictures, videos, and messages and rate others’ pictures based on appearance.

How is the Blendr app Harmful?

  • There is no proper age verification method. Your kids can easily access it and be prey to people having fake profiles. 
  • Your kids can come in contact with many strangers of different nature using this dating app. If some judgmental people pass comments on your kid’s personality or appearance, it might hamper your kid’s mental health, decreasing their confidence, self-esteem, and increasing racism.
  • Since blendr app tracks users’ location, it is easy for the cyberstalker to get details about these innocent and young souls and blackmail them.
  • Your kids can be the victim of sexting, which may affect them psychologically.

 6. Tumblr

Teenagers can use Tumblr as a search engine to discover creative media based on their desires. A child uses Tumblr to express their views and speak out opinions. You can post an opinion, while others can comment, like, and share. These features are similar to Twitter, where you will be allowed to tweet, retweet and comment.

How is Tumblr Harmful?

  • Tumblr contains inappropriate content like adult and mature content like pornography, disturbing your kid mentally and psychologically.
  • Tumblr is said to have weak security and protection, which is dangerous for the kid’s safety as user information is public online.
  • There exists violence, dangerous, adult content, and sexually explicit language and pictures. Parents should know that Tumblr has a mature rating of 17+. 

7. Whisper 

Whisper, another chat where you are completely anonymous, allows users to form communities based on their shared preferences and location and share secrets. Even though the app is rated 17+, 15-17-year-olds are allowed to use it. Users can search under topics and then respond publicly or open a personal chat. Posts are “whispers,” and users can search under topics and then reply publicly or open a private chat.

How is Whisper Harmful?

  • Whisper does not require authentication and allows users to connect with other nearby users using GPS.
  • Whisper doesn’t track users to ban unscrupulous things. Users are anonymous, and it is difficult to get almost any information about the person on the other end of the message. 

8. Instagram

As one of the largest social media, Instagram is about sharing your life experience and moments with the world. People post pictures and videos online privately or publicly. You can edit, filter, and add effects to your photos, making them attractive. People worldwide can connect through DM, scroll images, and give them heart is one of the fun activities for your child.

How is Instagram App Harmful?

  • Instagram is an addicting app where you tend to judge others based on appearance, color, gender, and many more.
  • Despite having many security and privacy features, it is also one of the leading risk factors for your children’s mentality. Children tend to become obsessed with likes and comments, which affect them psychologically.
  • Kids may come across inappropriate content while navigating Instagram’s exploration of the feature.

9. Calculator Lock

Why would your children install a calculator on mobile when there is already a calculator? A calculator lock is the best way for teenagers and children to hide private information from friends and family. Or parents who don’t know will think it is a simple calculator, but it is a strong password-protecting app to hide and store all the private information unless viewed from inside.

How is Calculator Lock App Harmful?

  • As this app is a hiding place for photos and videos, your kids may use it to hide sexting, inappropriate images, pornography content, secret messages, or dating photos. 
  • You, as a parent, must be careful about what they are trying to hide as they might have been involved in dangerous activities.

10. Ask. Fm

Ask. Fm allows people to connect with their friends, families, colleagues, and anonymous users by enabling them to ask and answer questions about them. People can ask questions relating to different topics. 

How is Ask.FM App Harmful?

  • Ask. Fm might have a problem with the content itself as there is no monitoring by Ask. FM.
  • This app allows anonymous and unfiltered content, which might disturb your kid mentally and psychologically.
  • As this app dwells with the question asking and answering, your kids may be thrilled to get a ton of answers regarding a particular topic, which might mislead them from the facts. 

The Solution: Dangerous Apps For Kid

Parental Control Software is one of the best ways to protect your kids from all of the dangerous apps and the internet regarding your kids’ safety. You can block inappropriate content, track your children’s activities, monitor them, analyze their search history, and so much more. 

Parents face a dilemma every time they give their children digital freedom. In general, parents recognize that limiting their kids’ access to the internet can degrade their ability to learn and develop. The downside is that children are also exposed to online risks and content that may exceed their capacity. Therefore, parental controls can protect children and benefit parents with peace of mind.


Usually, there are more than ten apps that bring pain and disaster to your children’s life. But don’t worry, as there is much parental control software that helps you counter these dangerous apps, simply by blocking applications or applying different security and privacy to their social media to prevent them from going in the wrong direction of life. 

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