10 Hassle-free issue solutions for wii no connection to the internet

Whenever you are playing on Nintendo Wii, you are totally concentrating on the game. Any kind of non-connectivity at this stage might cause some serious trouble, and you even end up losing a game, which you were actually winning. Now, the question that comes right to your mind is why won’t my Wii connect to the internet. Maybe the password you have provided is incorrect, or maybe the console is not adjustable to the router you are working with. So, no matter whatever the issue might be, there are 10 hassle-free solutions for restoring internet connection to your Nintendo Wii console. Let’s get to the options now.

  1. Make sure to check whether the Wi-Fi router is working or not. Maybe your cat accidentally pulled on the cable, and it went right out from the socket, or you have done it yourself. So, check if the lights on the Wi-Fi router are still on.
  2. You need to know if the issue is associated with just your Wii device or with all the devices. To know more about that, you are asked to get along with the technical support team to the rescue. After analyzing the problem from its core, you will find the right results.
  3. Another way to check the problem and get it fixed is by sending a ping to Google. It will help you to know if the issue is with your Wi-Fi network or with the internet signal from the service provider. Sometimes, the IPS internet might be out.
  4. You can even log into the account for the internet service provider to check if there is any outage within your zone. With so many providers, a banner will appear at the top of the account page. It will notify you of an outage, if any.
  5. There are times when no matter how much you try, the internet simply fails to work at all. In case none of the Wi-Fi networks are getting connected, you have to reset the internet router and Wi-Fi device both.
  6. You can also unplug both the Wi-Fi and internet router first. Wait for a minimum period of 2 minutes, and then plug the options right back on. In case your internet fails to work even after that, the issue is with your internet service provider. So, give the customer service a call and let them run a troubleshoot for you.
  7. In case your internet connectivity drops in some parts of the house, particularly on a daily basis, then the issue is with the “dead zone” caused by the router, which fails to reach those spots. If you can, move the router to a centralized location. Or, you can add a Wi-Fi extender for increasing the router’s range.
  8. If the connection issue is not quite related to where you reside in the house but remains as one intermittent issue at some time of the day, then it might be due to a lack of bandwidth. Maybe too many devices are connected to the router, and it can’t handle the pressure anymore. So, if you can, you must connect devices with Ethernet cable, so not all devices are relying on Wi-Fi connectivity.
  9. In case the connection is noticeably slow, it is helpful to find out if the poor performance is the result of a slow internet connection offered by ISP or the Wi-Fi network in your place. For that, running an internet speed test will be of great help to consider. You can run the test at speedtest.net within your browser, for example. If the speed seems normal, then the issue remains with the Wi-Fi network and not quite your internet.
  10. Sometimes the issue lies with the router, and you don’t know how to check it. Most modern routers work with a simplistic mobile app for you to check on the firmware and then install available updates. It can easily help in resolving issues with connection reliability and even speed.

So, make sure to check out these 10 points, and you will get connected to your Nintendo Wii shortly. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about its usage much.

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