10 Content Writing Tools for Work from home Workers

The workplace is changing. More and more companies provide their employees with perks such as working from home to increase their job satisfaction and improve productivity. In fact, we’re on the verge of the workplace revolution, according to the latest studies from around the world.

Flexible working is perhaps the biggest change brought by this revolution. A recent report by International Workplace Group (IWG), for example, surveyed over 18,000 professionals from different industries and found that 53 percent of them worked from home at least half of the week.

Does this mean the beginning of the end for the traditional 9-to-5 schedule? Well, it certainly seems so. With 87 percent of professionals believing that flexible working allows them to be more productive, things are looking great for the new work arrangement.

Working from home, however, requires employees to be much more independent than in the office, and this means they should be proficient written communicators able to learn by themselves and use online tools to get things done quickly and effectively,
In this article, let’s see what online tools you can add to your arsenal to ensure that you complete writing assignments in a timely and efficient manner.

1. Essay Writing Land

This tool specializes in remote assistance for those in need of writing help, including work from home employees. You can reach their professionals 24/7 to request writing advice on business and academic writing and ask for examples of specific works.

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Essay Writing Land employs writers with years of experience in business writing, therefore they can be a huge help in completing reports and writing business emails, and other types of written works.

2. Bestessaytips.com

If you’re working as a part of a remote team, you may check out Bestessaytips to know how to communicate clearly and effectively. Since remote teams mostly communicate in writing, every member needs to have good writing skills to ensure that they formulate their ideas and explain things clearly.
Teaching you to share your thoughts in writing in a professional manner is exactly what this tool can do for you. As the result, you’ll also get valuable experience of working remotely and, of course, write concise, clear, and effective texts regardless of the assignment.

3. Essayontime.com

This is an online community of professional writers which began as a platform for helping students with their writing skills but grew into a popular online writing service that provides writing assistance and advice for those in need of quality writing.
Business writing is one of the areas they specialize in, and they can help with almost any kind of business documents, including presentations, reports, resumes, notes, business plans, and others. Also, they’ll gladly help if you have a question about business writing or would like to learn how to write a specific text.

4. A-Writer.com

If you’re looking to use your writing skills in a job that you can from home, you need to ensure that they’re adequate for the task. A-Writer can help you with that. They’ve been providing online writing assistance for quite a while now and helped a lot of people with improving their skills to get jobs that require them.

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Many remote jobs or jobs with flexible schedule require sufficient writing skills to complete various tasks such as creating presentations and reports. To make sure that you can do it right, you can ask professionals from A-Writer for assistance and they will personalize your training to ensure that it meets the unique needs of your profession.

5. College-paper.org

Even in the most developed companies, meeting deadlines and needs of customers and managers can create a lot of problems and tensions. While conflict is a typical part of many business relationships, it’s something to be avoided at all cost, and writing can help with that.
The goal of this tool is to help you be clear enough to be rarely misunderstood. Often, conflicts arise because of the lack of communication or misunderstanding of written messages, so writing in a clear manner, being able to select the proper words and communicate your tone can make a world of difference for your success as a work from home employee.

6. Essaygeeks

The writers at Essaygeeks claim to be writing geeks but actually, they’re just people with tons of writing experience looking to help others reach their personal and professional goals by using writing skills. They believe that having such skills improves an ability to advance as a professional and build your network.

7. Assignment Geek

This tool specializes in helping to become a skilled storyteller through writing. For example, to resonate with your colleagues and persuade them that your decision is the right one, you need to know how to tell a story of your idea, strike a balance between logic and emotions, and use credible sources.
This is exactly what Assignment Geek help you to achieve. They can assist you in crafting business proposals, reports, presentations, and other documents and help you to advance your career.

8. Edu Geeks Club

Before you decide to become a remote worker, you should know how to manage your communication using only writing, according to Edu Geeks Club.
Many people who embrace a remote career have limited experience that includes interacting on social media and online forums, so learning how to write easy-to-read and clear messages is a must, and this tool can help you with that.

9. Australian Writings

If you’re working in a remote team whose members are spread all around the world, communicating with them could be challenging because of the cultural differences (not to mention time differences). Australian Writing was created to assist people to become better writers and communicate their ideas in writing in the clearest way possible to ensure a lack of misunderstanding in international teams.

10. Scholar Advisor

Whether you need a persuasive marketing content piece or a well-written text for a business presentation, Scholar Advisor can help. They specialize in complex content projects that require being a proficient written communicator and can produce professional texts that any audience can easily understand.


Being an excellent remote worker also means being a great written communicator. Hopefully the tools described here will help you to achieve the goal of advancing your written communication and minimizing the risk of misunderstanding and conflicts. Happy writing!

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