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10 Best Ways to Increase Revenue using Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Sales are the biggest nightmare for every company or startup. No sales means no revenue, no revenue means no growth. To make a lucrative sale lots of sweat and blood needs to be invested & one should be master in convincing the buyer. But this is an old-school method.

Do you know what the latest trends in sales are? It’s sales automation. Sales automation is the process of marketing and selling a problem-solving product to the targeted buyer in an automated way.

Companies and new startups these days are effectively using sales automation to maximize their sales without much manpower and much money investment. So this is a small glimpse about sales automation. Now let us go in-depth about every aspect of sales automation.

First, let us see some benefits of sales automation.

● Sales automation saves lots of time by automating every single process in sales.

● It reduces lots of money by cutting human involvement because automation is a software that can run 24/7 so with coat cutting the revenue and productivity increase.

● With these data-driven tools like PeppyBiz, we can get clear analytics of each rupee spent on sales. So that we can forecast future expenditure and its returns.

● We can have a clear view of a customer’s journey, his buying history, buying capacity, etc which helps companies to optimize sales workflow according to companies’ analysis and create better offers to attract a buyer.

So these are all the benefits of using sales automation tools in a business.

Let’s see how sales automation is used to increase revenue.

1. Email marketing in sales automation

Emails are used by almost everyone on the earth. So it will be the best idea if companies opt for email marketing as their automation system. On the brighter side, many companies are communicating with their customers by using email marketing tools, and also they can sell many of their newly launched products as upsells.

Let’s suppose you have a product which is valued at ₹999. You will run paid ads for selling products and end up selling products to 1000 members. It means you have email ids of 1000 customers in which at least 10% of people have an interest in upgrading to your next high ticket product.

So these ways companies collect email ids and they use them in sales automation tools like PeppyBiz to sell high ticket products and upsells in the future.

2. Interaction with customers using sales automation.

Suppose you sold a product to the customer and after a successful purchase if you forget your customer in the long run then the customer also forgets you and your brand. But instead, if you frequently send some greetings or any low ticket gifts then customers tend to remember you and your brand that increases customer interaction and trust.

The combination of interaction and trust leads to increased revenue and profits for a company.

3. Perfect sales automation.

Customers don’t recognize us if we take a long break in interaction and also customers don’t care if we frequently go behind them to sell something. Because of our frequent pitch, they get irritated and they tend to block us.

So customer interaction is a sensitive job so it needs to be done in proper CRM with an experienced person so that with perfect interaction in perfect time people will like our pitch and they help us to generate good revenue.

4. Audience & customers segmentation

Sales automation helps us to stand out in the sales process. As we discussed above from 1000 emails, if 10% convert in the first pitch, then from the second pitch we can exclude those 10% customers and re-pitch again to the remaining 90% email list by crafting another offer.

So in this way, we can segment our customers based on our imagination.

5. Proper analytics & product insights.

Companies using CRM software like PeppyBiz where they can get access to full insights about a particular product so that companies can analyze their marketing, sales, and production investments. Revenue and profits are generated from products from a particular product.

6. Notification management

People as consumers only remember popular apps and websites, they don’t remember new startups so it’s our responsibility to send them some frequent and useful notifications so that they go through it and interact with us so this leads to normal interaction or any sale.

This way we can increase revenue using notification automation.

7. Proper workflow.

Sales need to be done very carefully. Every step in the sales process needs to be kept in mind to have consistent sales so CRM software like PeppyBiz offers us a good workflow by giving us a workflow builder.

With this, we can easily build our workflow and just need to relax. Sales automation takes care of everything.

8. Auto responses to customers.

Automatic responses are the biggest part of sales automation. If a company has thousands of customers then it is highly impossible to solve everyone’s queries so that’s why users who are having basic and mid-level problems will get their problems solved by using automatic messages without waiting for customer support associates.

9. Consistent lead generation.

If marketing tools like PeppyBiz are used in the best way by implementing email marketing, Workflow building, and auto-responding then the sales process will be fully automated which helps in generating thousands of qualified leads.

10. Lead nurturing.

Finally, after generating thousands of qualified leads by using this CRM software we can nurture these leads and within a short span, we can convert them into buyers which helps a company to generate more quality sales and make more revenue and profits.


Sales automation is a driving force for businesses to amplify their revenue and growth. With the development of technology, automated sales are going to be a part every business should incorporate. 

About the Guest Author

Sara is a content writer at PeppyBiz, a platform that allows businesses to automate the complete sales process and build relations through sales automation software.

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