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10 Best College GPA Calculators

Yes – college session is an exciting experience, apart from excitement your academically career also does matter. Do you have an idea about GPA or grade point average and how to calculate GPA? Your GPA is extremely important for your future & during admission colleges look for is your good grade point average (GPA).

How to calculate gpa is a very common question that frequently asked by many students. It is true mathematics is something that normally doesn’t seem standard. Anyhow, even if you are very good at mathematics, it doesn’t mean that you do not need assistance.

How to Calculate GPA:

For many individuals grade point, the average can be really a nightmare, and for others, these scores are the reason to be proud of themselves. Well – give a read to this article to know how to figure GPA scores. You can readily calculate your grade point average with the aid of college gpa calculator – these online tools will save much time letting you solve mathematical tasks quicker.

Here you come to know 10 best gpa calculators that are extremely comfortable & helpful. All you need to do is to enter the entire detail of your session into one of these tools.

College GPA Calculators

10 Best College GPA Calculators:

Following are the 10 best calculators through which you can readily calculate your gpa.


This is the most reliable website which provides the most comfortable calculator for estimating your GPA. The amazing thing is that you can easily add as many classes as you want, simply use a simple 5-point scale or a 13-point one, multiple semesters.


It is another user-friendly tool through which you will get the ease of calculating your grade point average scores. With this calculator, you can extract your grade point average from letter grades within no time.


It is the fastest calculator through which you can get the ease of calculating your grade point average scores. You will get the feasibility of calculating multiple semesters within a couple of seconds with the legit source of Utilize this college gpa calculator to monitor your grade point average or cumulative gpa.

UCSB Undergraduate Education:

This website provides a useful tool to examine your study statistics. All you need to do is to enter the total number of courses, and then you have to fill the field course, & a number of units and letter grade. Once done, then you have to click calculate and know about your GPA, total grade points, and grade-point.

Swarthmore College:

This website provides the best and appropriate calculator for middle school and college students. The online tool allows you to enter up to 8 courses. No doubt that’s not really comfortable, but you can simply upload the page and enter the detail of new courses. The calculator supports 5-point scale and 12-point scale, so input any letters that you want to calculate.

The tool is stunning for college students, utilize this and learn more about GPA itself, classes’ shadowing, credits’ transferring, AP and IB credits, and more.

You can readily count GPA for up to 10 subjects at once with the assist of this calculator. It is very easy to utilize; you just put in your information and get instant & accurate results. Input any grades whether they have pluses and minuses or not. Apart from calculating grades, the site also contains useful tips on how to raise GPA & what you have to do to improve your grades.

Coastal Carolina University:

The legitimate source of Coastal Carolina University site provides another quick way to figure out your GPA. The amazing thing is that you’ll get three GPA calculators – two cumulative GPA tools and one to calculate your semester grades. Aside from the calculator, you’ll also find dozens of guides and useful info.

Snow College:

With this website, you’ll find a GPA calculation tool with the table of converting letter’s grades to pints. This site also provides you with the fastest cumulative gpa calculator to figure out your cumulative grade point. To calculate cgpa, you have to be aware of your previous GPA & credits.

Foreign Credits:

This calculator (4.0 scales) is just a very helpful device for any college student. It consists of the complete guide about what steps to take to calculate GPA yourself.

As the website is made for international students studying from the USA, on the webpage, you may also transform your grades from any country’s academic system into letter and number grades. Get the ease of calculating your grades within a couple of minutes.

Quick GPA:

Quick gpa is one of the fastest approaches to calculate your gpa. You can just choose your grades and credits form the lists of your classes and semesters. And optional, you can able to enter the current GPA for the statistics.

When you monitor your GPA, then you’ll feel more confident about your GPA scores and even you pay more attention to your studies.

College Simply:

This website does not only help to calculate GPA; it also provides a great database to find a college you deserve. First of all, calculate your grade point average, then know about the college that you deserve with respective to your GPA. You can able to calculate multiple semesters, 5-point and 13-point scales, weighted and unweighted indicators, and more.

GPA Is Important:

Your gpa is important due to the following:

  • While applying for a scholarship
  • While joining an organisation or club
  • While participating in extra-curricular activities,
  • When you are looking for applying for a graduate or post-graduate programme

Final Words:

  • Go to class regularly
  • Participate in class
  • Organise yourself
  • Do a weekly study
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Befriend with smart students
  • Make use of Library
  • Study Smart
  • Set a Goal
  • Reward Yourself

Thankfully, you come to know about the best college calculators. These calculators are authorized and reliable for computing the grade point average or cumulative GPA. Start tracking your GPA or cgpa with the aid of above calculators and know what you need to adapt to improve your grades. Good Luck!

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